Philipine ah hlivuasia in mi 1,200 thi zo Vietnam ram lam pan zianzo

Philipine ah hlivuasia in mi 1,200 thi zo Vietnam ram lam pan zianzo

Philipine ram tluanthu ah a roh ber, hlivuasia Haivan maanin mi 1,200 thi zo ai mi million tam ngai harsa in umh hang ai tun heh nazi 1 ah 235m cak in zuang teng ii.

  • Hlivuasia heh Typhoon Haiyan tiin ko ai category-five tihnak a laukul dinhmun ah hleng ai nazi 1 ah 235m in zuang ii.
  • Red Cross in a siardan ah mi 1,200 thi zo ai Tacloban, Leyte khuapui ah mi 1000 thi ti ii.
  • Leyte le Samar ah tisuar 19ft sang in a siatsuah hlan ah mi 800,000 in hmundang ah tlan ii.
  • Hlivuasia heh vaak zianzo ai Laos le Vietnam ram lam pan vivo ii.
  • Miharsa bawmtu pawlkom te pawl in cang thil tawpin bawm tuhin zuam teng ii.

Braced: Red Cross staff in Da Nang, Vietnam, fill sandbags in preparation for the coming storm Red Cross staff pawl in Da Nang, Vietnam ram ah hlivuasia hleng tuh hetin bag song ah siatnawi thun in ralringProtection: Local volunteers dig a trench to provide shelter from the typhoon which is heading for mainland AsiaHlivuasia lakin relhnak tuh hetin lailung ah kua bawn tlang ii.

Desolation: This heartbreaking picture shows an flattened area of Tacloban city covered by debris and flood water

Tacloban khuapui hlivuasia le tilian in hnawm ii Damage: More ruined buildings in Tacloban city, Leyte, can be seen lining the coast of the devastated area Tacloban khuapui, Leyte  ai hetin tipui kap ah umh ii

Flattened: A Filipino boy stands among the debris in Tacloban, Leyte province - one of the worst hit areas of Typhoon HaiyanDeath: It has been estimated by the Red Cross that 1,000 of the 1,200 people killed by the typhoon were residents of Tacloban Widespread: This picture shows acres of flooded rice fields in the Iloilo Province

Assistance: An elderly woman is evacuated from her home by Red Cross staff in Vietnam

Plans: The Vietnamese Government has started to evacuate more than 100,000 people from the path of Typhoon Haiyan, according to state media

From above: An aerial view shows badly damaged houses, including many without a roof, and blocked roads in Iloilo Province

Residents return to their houses after leaving an evacuation site in the aftermath of Super Typhoon Haiyan

Residents sit outside their damaged house

Badly hit: A group of houses in a coastal community in Iloilo Province, central Philippines, that have been destroyed. Boats lie thrown along the coastline also

Ruins: A resident sifts through rubbish inside his home that has been flattened by 235mph winds in the devastated city of Tacloban

Scale: This image shows Typhoon Haiyan taken by Astronaut Karen L. Nyberg aboard the Internatioal Space Station

 Typhoon Haiyan
A boy walks past the devastation brought about by powerful typhoon Haiyan at Tacloban city

Shock: A woman stands amidst the devastation. Flood water can be seen in the background covering most of the area around the demolished building

Bodies wrapped in blankets are placed inside a damaged chapel

A Filipino elderly woman views the recovered victims in the typhoon
Khrihfa sanginn song ah hetin mithi ruang dah lianglo menma rih ii

Flooding: Locals in Coron, Palawan walk among damaged buildings after the typhoon - the most powerful in three decades

Terrifying: Filipino children are seen in the city of Tacloban, Leyte. Behind them is a scene of devastation with homes flattened and debris lying in the street

 resident recover a body of a victim
Hetin mithi phur kul in umh ii

Collapsed: A resident walks past her destroyed home - flattened by piles of wood and branches from nearby trees - in Tacloban city

A truck is seen slammed on a tree
Residents try to seek shelter with their belongings following a

Debris: Helicopters hover over the damaged area of Tacloban city, which was battered with strong winds yesterday

Destroyed: Typhoon Haiyan also badly damaged an airport in battered Tacloban city - which could affect deliveries of essential aid supplies


Disaster zone: This map shows the trajectory of the devastating storm as it heads towards Vietnam He map ah hlivuasia vaak zianzo tuhhnak lamkhong hmuh thil ai Vietnam ram pan teng ii

Washed up: Filipino soldiers disembark from a plane stopped at the devastated airport in Tacloban city, Leyte

Ruin: A man wipes his face while surveying the damage to one area of Tacloban. Branches from trees can be seen strewn across the land

Victim: A resident walks past dead bodies that lie on the street in Tacloban city, Leyte province

Mithi ruang tam ngai hetin lam hiang ah dah ii

Under water: Residents wade through a flooded street in Mindoro, Philippines this morning following the typoonPile up: Vehicles and rubbish are pictured strewn across a flooded street in Tacloban, Leyte

Upside down: A devastated airport in Tacloban city, Leyte province - where roofs were ripped on hundreds of houses

 Coron, Palawan

 Coron, Palawan


Space: A digital composite of Typhoon Haiyan approaching the Philippines, made using images captured at 1pm


Assessment: A resident of Manila looks at the damage to his home with the financial district of the city looming in the background. Poorer families with less stable houses were worse affected

Devastation: Debris which was washed in by the storm litters the road by the coastal village in Legazpi city. Residents now face a long clean up operation to repair the damage to their homes

Assistance: People queue for relief goods on the eastern island of Leyte this morning

A fisherman secures his wooden fishing boat along the sea wall amidst strong winds as Typhoon Haiyan hit the city of Legaspi, Albay province, south of Manila

Downpour: As well as strong winds, the typhoon brought with it torrential rain which caused landslides in rural parts of the country

Terrifying: Residents run for their lives as the terrible gusts of the typhoon rush buffet the popular tourist city of Cebu

Blocked: Residents clear the road in the island province of Cebu after a tree was toppled by strong winds during typhoon Haiyan

Aid effort: Volunteers pack relief goods inside a Department of Social Welfare and Development warehouse before shipping out to devastated provinces

Shelter: Filipino residents sleep on the floor of a gymnasium turned into an evacuation center in Sorsogon City in the Bicol region

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