Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Zanniat Youth Organization – Zanniat Mino Pawlkom




 Believing the inherent dignity, inalienable human rights and indigenous identities as the fundamental rights,

 Recalling the brotherhood and unification of Zanniat people and lands as United Zanniat Circle in the past history in Chin State of Burma (Myanmar),

 Realizing the loss of identities and rights, breaking of unification practiced by the non-indigenous people upon the Zanniat lands and its people,

 Contemplating the facts that modern communications and developments will improve oneness and life standard,

 Considering the difficulties and lack of social and political participation as a whole there after the military regime in Burma (Myanmar),


 The new generation of Zanniat youths formed Zanniat Youth Organization (ZYO) known as Zanniat Mino Pawlkom (ZMP) in Zanniat dialect on 29th May 2008 at 11:00pm in New Delhi, India,

 Our Vision:

 We envision ZYO-ZMP as an organization providing a common global platform for all the different levels of Zanniat tribe of Chin ethnic of Burma for participation in development issues, and protection of historical and traditional values in Zanniat society.

 Our Mission:

  •  To provide update information to different levels of Zanniat tribe for participation in possible solutions for developments
  •  To arrange opportunities for information sharing and social awareness campaigns for the Zanniat people in exile as well as in inside Burma
  •  To provide charity works and contributions for our Zanniat people who need immediate assistance and life supports
  •  To promote to value Zanniat ancestral traditional values to all Zanniat people
  •  To organize or involve events to upgrade Zanniat social and political issues


 ZYO-ZMP functions as networking between all the Units by Secretary System. Every ZYO-ZMP Unit has its Secretary and the General Secretary (G.S) is the head of all the ZYO-ZMP branches. The main decision body of ZYO-ZMP is the Central Executive Committee (CEC) which is comprised of all the Unit Secretaries along with one representative from each Unit.

 The Term of Administration for every ZYO-ZMP Unit is for two years. Election is carried as required in the administration and organizational operation for each Unit after two years.

 Each Unit has Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and other necessary posts for Unit administration and operations. Trusted Advisors are selected from different areas for the proper operation of ZYO-ZMP organization.